Clinron Payroll Services


Clinron LLC also provides payroll services, as a practical matter, payroll services are a commodity offering. As a result, we strive to provide pricing that is transparent and fair given the fact that the statutory costs are widely known. It is the quality of our service around this commodity that truly differentiates Clinron. We have developed components of our service offering that address the inherent challenges of maintaining an “engaged” contingent workforce and ensuring that this workforce does not become a “revolving door” of talent.

A company’s workforce has been shown to be more loyal, engaged and productive if they feel a sense of pride about the values of their employer. Perhaps the greatest challenge faced in managing a contingent workforce is the ability to create that sense of connection between the temp staff and their end client, as well as their agency. Our Workforce Platform provides services that reinforce this alignment by including outstanding contractor services as well as building a connection to your company through your community service values. This strengthens the connection between your company and your temp staff without compromising the boundaries which minimize co-employment risks.

Customer Service


Our customers benefit from an efficient means of time tracking, billing, compliance, and reporting as well as a seamless method of providing feedback on their temp staff. Our customers also access a powerful recruiting engine which augments their ability to secure talent for contract, contract-to-hire and FTE opportunities. Clinron maintains a remarketing pipeline of resources who have previously worked at your company or other designated clients so that this experienced talent can be re-utilized. Additionally, our customers benefit from access to subject matter networking opportunities in the areas Contingent Workforce Management, Project Portfolio Management, Data Management, Identity Management, and Enterprise Architecture.

Customer Service


Contractor Service

Through our service teams and with the assistance of our contractor and client portal, temp staff are able to access a range of resources (time tracking, affordable benefits, expense management, and job counseling) to help them with their current assignment. In addition, contractors can participate in a number of networking forums and training opportunities that can help them to strengthen their career prospects.

Community Service

Clinron strengthens the connection, engagement and productivity of your temp staff through an integrated Employee Volunteer Program. Clinron provides a volunteer liaison who works with your company’s community outreach program to ensure that volunteer activities which align with your corporate priorities are advertised to temp staff. Clinron also provides search capabilities through our portal for temp staff to identify their own interests in community service and volunteering. These efforts allow members of the contingent workforce to gain exposure to volunteer and service opportunities that further connect them to you and reinforce their pride in being affiliated with your company.